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Life Coach Session Notes Canva Templates Bundle

Life Coach Session Notes Canva Templates Bundle

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Check out this 17 page life coach session notes and management packet designed to help life and self help coaches or anyone working to better themselves or their friends manage their sessions better.

Make every minute of your life coaching sessions count. We have the perfect printable material both you and your client need to keep track of all your interactions.

This coaching worksheet templates will help you plan, prepare, document and organize your client coaching sessions better.

The templates will give you a simple but efficient note taking format that will ensure you spend less time focused on your notes and more time interacting with your client. Jot down a sentence or two and later on expand the notes and make observations for the next meeting.

The coaching session notes template pack will contain:
  • Client specific forms ( visions, goals, habit trackers, priority matrix, important notes, self assessment)
  • Coach specific forms ( discovery questionnaires, session notes and log, preparation worksheets, assessment template)


You can use a free or premium Canva to modify the template and make it suit your brand. You can change:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Colors

After customization, download each page as a pdf and share with client or print them yourself and offer individual pages to client as needed or combine them into one handy notebook that will last the entire coaching interaction

What is in the Canva Template Pack

  1. Cover page and end page
  2. Client discovery questionnaire
  3. Client vision planner
  4. Client goal planner
  5. Client session notes
  6. Client habit tracker
  7. A journal
  8. Client priority matrix
  9. Coach session notes
  10. Coach session prep worksheet
  11. Self assessment form
  12. Coaching program feedback form

Use these templates to ensure you keep track of your life coaching business by ticking off key milestones like:

  • A Discovery Questionnaire: For the very first session to understand the client and clarify the coaching program expectations.
  • Session Notes: A worksheet that will help you take comprehensive but brief notes of what goes on during your coaching sessions
  • Self Assessment: A template to help the coach and the client assess how their sessions are going


  • Simplify your coaching sessions interactions
  • Keep track of what happens during the sessions
  • Give your clients important material that will help them get the best out of each session
  • Make amazing first impressions and set up the rapport for an impactful life coaching business
  • Gather feedback and pointers to make yourself a better coach


  • Purchase the template
  • Download the pdf file with a link to the Canva template
  • Open the template in your FREE CANVA account and modify text, images, colors and fonts as you please
  • Download the edited pages as pdfs and print them as many times as necessary to create a complete binder for your client
  • Repeat as many times as you wish


The designs and templates in this pack are for personal use. You cannot share, distribute or resell them.

We don’t accept exchanges, returns or cancellations. Since this is an instant download, the moment you download the files you have full access to them and we have no way to take them back.

You won’t receive any physical delivery with this purchase.


If you mess up anything or don't like your changes, you can always start afresh by following the link to the template afresh. Best practice is to make a copy of the original though and edit that :)
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