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Client Offboarding Packet Canva Template

Client Offboarding Packet Canva Template

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Are you looking for a catchy and professional way to say goodbye to your clients? This Canva templates pack is the perfect solution for any professional looking to maintain a positive relationship with their clients even after the project is up and they have left. 

This client goodbye packet is ideal for those who want to sum up their project, deliverables and achievements, while also gathering valuable feedback to improve their business practices.

Whether you're looking to thank a client for their business or gather feedback on why they're leaving, these client exit templates provide the perfect starting point.

12 Page Editable Client Goodbye Packet

This pack of 12 pages editable on Canva contains:

  • Project overview

  • Milestones and achievements summary

  • Link to project deliverables or reports

  • Resource toolkit to make using or accessing deliverables easier

  • A catalog of your other services

  • An introduction to your referral program or promos on repeat business

  • Where to give you a review or join your exclusive community

With our off boarding templates, you'll be able to create a seamless off boarding process that leaves a positive impression on your clients and encourages them to refer your services to others. 

The design comes in letter size 8.5” x 11” that will fit perfectly into a 3-hole binder should you choose to print and deliver hard copies to your client

Also available: A4 Editable client goodbye packet 8.26” x 11.69”

Use this pack to:

  • Create an organized offboarding plan and follow-up for your client

  • State what you achieved from the project and highlight project details

  • Provide a quick way to access all the project deliverables of files

  • Build your reputation by going over and beyond and delivering well designed offboarding reports

So, if you're ready to take your client offboarding to the next level, our client goodbye templates are the perfect solution for you.

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