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250+ Fitness Instagram templates for Gym Owners and Fitness Coaches

250+ Fitness Instagram templates for Gym Owners and Fitness Coaches

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I used to think running a fitness or gym social media page is all about posting pictures of models with big biceps, 6-pack abs, and well-toned bodies. 

After running a marketing business for a while, I realized that fitness businesses that do exactly that get near ZERO conversions from their posts.

You see, people who are interested in building their physiques don’t like to be constantly reminded that they aren’t fit. Instead, they need to be encouraged to be better. And what if I told you that fitness is not just about a toned body? After all, there is more to a gym than weights.

So if you are just concentrating on marketing one aspect, then you are probably losing out on hundreds of potential customers.

In 2022, I helped a gym to develop a fully-fledged marketing campaign by providing dynamic posts and graphics that create engagement on social media. By just using a custom social media engagement pack, they were able to get 600% increment in engagement and as many signups in a month as they would get in a 6 months!

I created this customized social media pack for gyms and fitness coaches to make the process of marketing easier. You don’t need a social media manager either. Just a way to schedule posts and you are good to go.



In this guide, you will get 250+ graphics for your Instagram page including:

- 15x Grand Opening Posts
- 15x Promo Posts
- 15x Customer Bonus
- 15x Equipment Showcase
- 15x Working Hours
- 15x Temporary Gym Closure
- 15x Working Hour Extension
- 15x Fitness Competitions and Rewards
- 15x Facilities and Amenities Showcase
- 15x Safety Information Graphics
- 15x General Gym Cleanliness and Comfort
- 15x Fitness Infographics
- 15x Workout Types Infographics
- 15x New Workout Events or Regimes
- 15x Know Your Equipment Graphics
- 15x This or That
- 15x Quotes

And many more!

You can edit text and colors right from Canva.

Save hundreds of hours that you could have used to design a social media strategy.

This done-for-you pack contains what works for businesses like yours.

Give it a try.
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