How to Make Wavy Text With Canva

To make wavy text on Canva, you are going to need a bit of ingenuity. As Canva does not have a Wavy text feature. Follow these step below;

  • First you need to ensure the text you want to edit is in a text box. Then click on the text to select it.

  • Once your your text is selected, click on the Effect icon at the top of the editing window.

  • Then scroll to the bottom of the Effects menu. 

  • Click on curve and move the curve slider on the bar until your text curves as you wish.

  • Then move the curved text to its final position.

  • Do the same with the rest of the text you wish to curve.

  • Curve the text in alternating directions interchangeably to create a wavy effect.

  • Once all the text is curved, select them and group them to create a continuous wave.

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