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Astrology Houses Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Astrology Houses Cheat Sheet for Beginners

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Learn what astrology houses are and why they matter in astrology using accessible language and examples.

Section 1: House Meanings and Keywords

Know all the 12 astrological houses in order and their main meanings or areas of life they represent

1st house: self-image, appearance, identity
2nd house: money, possessions, values

You’ll get a list of keywords or phrases that capture the essence of each house (e.g., 1st house: self-expression, self-awareness, physical body; 2nd house: material security, self-worth, values).

Section 2: House Rulership and Correspondence

Learn how each house is ruled by a particular planet or sign and what this means for the house's themes and energy. E.g 1st house is ruled by Aries and Mars, which brings a pioneering and assertive quality to self-expression).

Get a table and chart that shows the correspondences between houses, planets, signs, and elements e.g.,

1st house: Aries/Mars/fire;
2nd house: Taurus/Venus/earth

Section 3: House Cheat Sheet

Understand what house symbols and elements represent in astrology. From the planets to the zodiac signs and elements.

Get the key points of the cheat sheet and explore your own astrology chart and learn more about the houses and their meanings.

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