How to Edit Youtube Videos on Canva

Follow these steps to create and edit Youtube videos on Canva;

  • Go to the Canva homepage and search for Youtube video templates.

  • Choose a template and then click on Customize this template.

  • Add extra Canvases if you intend to make a long video.

  • Then go to Uploads and add videos to your design template

  • To add effects, go to Edit video, then choose the effects you want to use.

  • TO add text, click on the Text icon on the editor's panel and select the text block you want to use. Then edit the text to suit your video.

  • To add different text blocks or captions to your video, click on the three dots at the top section of each video canvas and click on split page.

  • This will split your video into smaller sections so you can add different effects and text.

  • To add effects to the different captions, select the text, then click on Effects. Then proceed to add effects to the text. 

  • To use video clips from your Youtube channel, click on Apps, then scroll until you find the Youtube icon and click on it.

  • Then click Open and connect your channel if this is your first time connecting Youtube to Canva.

  • After connecting Youtube to Canva, search for a video from the search bar and drag it onto a blank canvas to add it to your existing video template.

  • To add text or captions to the added video, split it as explained above.

    • You can also add other elements to your video by clicking on Elements and using different elements in your video.


    • You can also add videos from Canva to your video project by clicking on Elements and adding a video from the Canva video library.
    • To add audio files to your video, click Elements on the editor's bar, then scroll to the Audio section.

    • You can also search for specific types of audio, such as ocean waves, by typing 'ocean waves' in the search bar above the audio files.

    • To use different audio files in your video, add multiple audio files and drag them using your cursor to customize where they begin and end within your video.

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