How to Crop Images in Canva

Are you looking to crop images on Canva? Fortunately, this is easier than you think. Keep reading to learn how to crop images on Canva.

To crop images on Canva;

  • Click on the image you want to crop.
  • You should see the editing options appear on the top left hand corner above the image within the editing space.
  • Click on crop and toggle the cropping handles around the image as you wish.
  • Once you have cropped the image, click on done.


  • If you wish to redo the crop, simply click on the and move the cropping handles to resize the image. And click done once again.
  • You can then proceed to save your work to make the cropping permanent.

Note: To crop you image to exact dimensions, click Position on the toolbar above the editor. Under Advanced, enter the pixel values in the Width and Height fields. You can also Lock Aspect Ratio to keep its proportion.

For better control at resizing text, use the font size option on the editor toolbar.

To crop uploaded images;

  • Go to the side panel on your left and click on Projects.
  • Then proceed to images and click on the photo you want to crop.
  • Then click on crop editing option and crop the image as you wish.
  • Then click on done once you are finished.


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