How to Create a Captivating Email Template in Canva

Follow these tips to create an email marketing template using Canva;

Step 1: Create your Email Newsletter

  • Search for the email newsletter template on the Canva homepage.

  • Click on a template and click Customize this template.

  • Proceed to edit the template and input your business information.

Step 2: Prepare to use the newsletter

For Hubspot;

  • Go to Apps on the left editors' panel and scroll down to the apps.

  • Click on the Hubspot app and open it then connect your Hubspot account.

  • Then click on share and then click on more and scroll down till you see the Hubspot icon.

  • Then click save to save your newsletter.

  • It should appear on the left hand side once it is saved.
  • You can now create your marketing campaign on Hubspot then add the newsletter into Hubspot to send it to your mailing list.

For Mailchimp;

  • Click on Share then clcik on more. Scroll down to the mailchimp icon and connect your Mailchimp account to Canva.

  • Then save your newsletter design for future use. Or you can proceed to create the marketing campaign then add your newsletter onto Mailchimp and send it.

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