How to Animate Text in Canva

Animations make your presentations and other design materials more interesting. Keep reading to learn how to animate text and entire pages.

To animate text;

  • Click on the text you wish to animate. Then click on the animate button at the top of the edit space just above your template.

  • Then select the text you want to animate and proceed to animate it.

  • You can combine multiple animation styles or use different animation styles for different words.

  • To remove animation simply click remove animations at the bottom of the text animation menu.

To animate a whole page;

  • Click on the page you wish to animate then click on the animate button on the top right hand corner of the editing space.

  • The page animation menu will appear as shown below. proceed to animate the page as you please.

  • You can combine multiple animation styles.

See me do it in video here

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