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Real Estate Multiple Offer Worksheet

Real Estate Multiple Offer Worksheet

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Do you have multiple offers on a single real estate listing? Are you looking for a way to compare the offers?

Our real estate multiple offers worksheet is designed to help the agent and the seller evaluate and compare the different offers and select the one that best meets their needs and priorities.

The worksheet includes sections for each offer received, including the buyer's name and contact information, the offer price, the proposed closing date, and any contingencies or special requests made by the buyer.

It also includes a section for the agent and seller to evaluate each offer based on various criteria, such as the financial strength of the buyer, the proposed timeline for closing, and the level of earnest money being offered.

Using a real estate multiple offer worksheet can help the agent and seller make an informed decision when choosing which offer to accept, and can help ensure that all relevant factors are taken into account.

You can customize the worksheet to fit your specific needs and priorities. You can also use it to compare and evaluate multiple offers in a clear and organized manner. 

It can also serve as a record of the decision-making process and help prevent any misunderstandings or disputes that may arise during the negotiation and closing process.

What You’ll Get

  • A Google Sheets file

  • A PDF with tips and instructions

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