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Real Estate Daily Planner Template

Real Estate Daily Planner Template

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This Real Estate Daily Planner Template is for the realtor who wants to stay organized and productive. 

It includes all the essential tools you need to manage your schedule, track your progress, and keep your business running smoothly.

The Real Estate Daily Planner Template includes:

Daily Planning

  • A daily schedule: Plan your day hour by hour. Stay on track and don’t miss your appointments, meetings, and tasks.

  • To-do list: Prioritize your realtor engagements. Don’t miss important deadlines.

  • Client contact list: Collect contacts from potential clients. 

  • Property listings: Take note of property you’ve listed in a particular day.

  • Follow up tracker: Keep track of all clients you should contact.

  • Habit tracker: Take note of what went well. Improve your habits and customer interaction. 

  • Goal tracking: Keep track of your daily progress towards your weekly or monthly goals.

Weekly Planning

  • Goal tracking: Set weekly goals and review the previous week’s goals. Prepare for the upcoming week better having learnt about the previous period.

  • Sales Tracking: Track your sales progress, including the number of leads, appointments, and sales made. Track your commissions and income.

  • Habit tracker: Note down your positive habits and how you intend to improve.

Monthly Planning

  • Income and expenses tracking: List down how much income you’ve got compared to expenses for leads.

  • Track your monthly closings: Note down the number of closings and leads to follow up.

  • Set your monthly budget: Write down how much you are willing to spend on leads.

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