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Intention Setting Worksheet (Printable)

Intention Setting Worksheet (Printable)

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Realize the power of intentions and clarify your goals and aspirations by guiding them through a process of reflection and planning. 

This intention-setting worksheet consists of several sections that prompt you to think about your values, priorities, and desired outcomes. 

It includes the following sections:

  • Past reflections: Write down what you’ve accomplished or experienced in the past, what you’ve learned from those experiences, and what you want to carry forward into the future.

  • Your core values: Identify your core values and beliefs, such as honesty, compassion, or creativity. Consider how these values can guide their intentions.

  • Set specific goals: Identify specific goals they want to achieve, such as completing a project, learning a new skill, or improving a relationship.

  • Plan action steps: Break down your goals into smaller, actionable steps and to identify resources and support systems that can help you achieve your intentions.

  • Reflect on progress: Periodically reflect on their progress towards your goals, to adjust intentions as necessary, and to celebrate your successes along the way.

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