How to Group Elements in Canva

Over the years, Canva has greatly upgraded its features so that you can use it for complex graphic design projects, such as grouping elements to create more professional-looking marketing material. Keep reading to learn how to group elements in Canva.

How to Group and Ungroup Elements

  • Drag your cursor over the elements you want to group.
  • Then click Group on the popup menu that appears after the selection.
  • Or you can press CTRL+G (Windows) and CMD+G (Mac) on the keyboard after selecting the elements.
  • Select the elements you wish to ungroup, then choose Ungroup
  • Or Select the grouped elements and press Shift +CTRL+G (Windows) and Shift+CMD+ G (Mac) to ungroup the elements.

 Note: You can group elements temporarily while you edit and move them around. However, this method groups all your elements en masse. This method is mostly used if you want to work on a group of elements simultaneously, such as deleting, resizing, or moving them.

Pro Tip: You can individually select elements to group by holding down on the shift key and clicking on them individually. Clicking on an element twice with shift depressed will deselect it from the group

How to Group and Ungroup Elements Temporarily

  • Drag your cursor over the elements you want to group.
  • A selection border will surround all selected elements.
  • Then proceed to resize, delete, move, or edit your elements.
  • Click on the three dots to expand the menu for more options on the popup menu.
  • To ungroup the elements, click outside the selected area.

Note: You can also group and ungroup elements from the popup menu once you click on the three dots to expand it.


Here's a video of me doing it

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