How to Create Amazing Instagram Reels on Canva

Follow these steps to create amazing Instagram reels on Canva;

  • Go to the Canva Homepage and search for Instagram reels.

  • Select an Instagram reel template and click on Customize this template.

  • Then add more canvases to increase the number of videos you can combine. Click on the + icon at the end of the current video in your chosen reel template. This can be found beneath the template.

  • Then add other videos to your reel from the Canva database or your uploads.

  • Then add text by clicking the Text feature on the editor's panel.

  • Then repeat the process until you have enough content for your reel. Bear in mind your reel cannot exceed 60 seconds. 

  • Once you are done, go to Apps and open Instagram app, and connect your Instagram account.
  • Note: the file size limit is 25MB.

  • Then click on Share and then click on the Instagram icon. 

  • Select your upload option and share your reel.

  • Alternatively, download the reel by going to File>Download, then upload it to Instagram.

  • To create another reel, click the Create a new Instagram story button beneath your downloading file.

Note: You can edit the text or captions you add to your videos. Highlight the text and click on Effects, then add the text effect of your choice.

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