How to Bulk Create 30 Social Media Post Designs in 5 Minutes on Canva

Social media posts are an excellent way for business owners to interact with their customers and pique interest in your products and services. However, it can be incredibly time-consuming to create a post every day.

Fortunately, you can use Canva to ease this burden. Keep reading to learn how to generate monthly social media content in minutes.

To bulk create content for an entire month, you need to use three different softwares;

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Excel
  3. Canva

Follow these steps to bulk-create social media posts;

1. Generate content using ChatGPT

  • Start by typing a prompt into ChatGPT to generate 30 social media posts. For example, 30 facts about mushrooms (if you run an organic mushroom farm) or 30 quotes from famous authors (if you run a bookstore).

    2. Import the facts into Excel
    • Then copy generated response into an Excel spreadsheet.

    • Then save your file as a CSV document.

      3. Bulk create the social media posts on Canva

      • Go to the Canva home page and select the template you want for your posts.

      • Once redirected to the template editing window, click on Apps, then on bulk create under more from Canva.

      • Then click on Upload CSV to upload your Excel file. 

      • Edit your template to suit your desired post design. In this case, I removed the text boxes as I only needed one text box.

      • Right-click on the remaining text box and click on Connect data to upload your information onto the template.

      • Then click on the new pop-up detailing what is in your CSV file.  Once the data is uploaded, adjust the font size to fit all your text in the template.

      • Then click on the purple button at the bottom of the bulk to create a menu that says continue. 

      • All your facts to be shared on the 30 different social media posts should appear on the bulk create menu.

      • Click on Generate 29 pages to create the rest of the social media posts. Your templates should have 30 pages for all the other posts for the rest of the month.

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