How to Add a Link on Canva

Do you want to add links to your Canva project? Keep reading to learn how.

To link external sources;

  • Select the words you wish to add the link and add your hyperlink after clicking on the link icon.

  • Then click done once you have added your link.
  • Your linked text should change color after the link is added.
  • Test you link by clicking on the middle icon that says "Open link in new tab" after you hover over the popup menu.
  • You can also add a link by clicking on the three dots on the popup menu that appears after you select your text.

To link to other pages in your project;

  • Select the text you want to add the hyperlink. Then click on the link icon.
  • Then scroll down to the pages in the document section on the menu that appears and select a page.

  • Click done once you have made your selection.

To go to the linked page, click on the second icon with an arrow.

See me do it in video here

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